Nix&Kix, Kerstin Robinson

Taking it step-by-step with Kerstin Robinson

Meet Kerstin Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Nix&Kix as we talk about the business, pandemic and how to look at the future. Coming from Finance 10 years ago, she did not know much about consumer products, even less about juice. But hard work and resourcefulness were the skills she needed. And Nix&Kix is here to banish boredom and put some healthy excitement back into soft drinks.

Bonny, Jessica Postiglione

Enjoying the Journey with Jessica Postiglione

I used to go to school with Jessica. At Harvard, we met often between parties, travels and class breaks. But this time, we met to talk about life and business. Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Bonny, the only deliciously clean and sustainably packaged fibre supplements brand on the market. On her second start-up, Jessica has many learning points to share with us on her journey leaving corporate life and setting up 2 start-ups.

Business Strategy, Adeolu Eletu, Unsplash

The Bug in Me: Business Strategy

It’s true, I’ve got a bug in me. And I can’t help it, it starts without me noticing and by the time I do, I smile at what just happened. I love business. Business Strategy in particular. Yuck. What a weird geeky thing to say. But I do really. So, whenever a friend comes to me where their latest business endeavor, I self-select as on the moment coach. I just can’t help it.