Make Space for Growth

My name is Sara. I am a corporate strategist, problem solver, social entrepreneur, writer and mum of 2. I am passionate for about growth and I am creating the Make Space for Growth community. 

The Blog

Make Space for Growth is exactly what it says — a space to grow. Every week, I write about growth in business, growth at home and in our family, personal growth or growth in our community. One week I may be writing about business metrics and KPIs, another about journaling or time management. I share my authentic stories of dealing with the fear of public speaking or the challenge of teaching financial literacy to a 7-year-old. 

The Community

In the Make Space for Growth newsletter, I share short monthly tips and confessions on growth at work, home and community. I usually join my readers for Sunday morning coffee. 

You can also access the newly launched Linkedin Group, with short thoughts, quotes or moments to share.

The Podcast

Make Space for Growth Podcast

The Make Space for Growth podcast is focused on growth stories by amazing women entrepreneurs.

Season 1: Finding Growth in a Crisis
Season 2: Moment of Lift
Season 3: Creating Space

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