Francesca Geens, Happy Self Journal

Practising gratitude with Francesca Geens

For this episode of the Make Space for Growth Podcast, I met Francesca Geens, the creator of the Happy Self Journal. Francesca got frustrated with all the stories in the press about children being depressed and became very interested in the science of happiness and how simple habits can have a meaningful impact in our wellbeing. In 2017, she started working on the concept and launched the Happy Self Journal in 2018. Her passion project is now her full time business and she is selling in more than 150 countries. We talked about what gratitude can do for you and, more importantly, what it does for the children. Francesca shared the growth she experienced in 2020 and how she hopes we will all exit this lockdown more grateful and appreciative of the little things. I certainly do too. Join us for our chat.

Moment of Lift

Season 2 Launch – Moment of Lift

For 2021, our journey continues, strengthened by what we leave behind, hopeful for what lies ahead. We lift our souls to believe, we lift our minds from the fear, we lift our lives from the dark times that we leave behind. 
This is our Moment of Lift as we get out of this crisis stronger and together.