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A Pledge to Myself

Every year, a new pledge shows up for International Women’s Day. For 2023, it is #embraceequity, last year was #breakthebias, in 2021 #choosetochallenge. Each of these comes with a meaning and a powerful message, alongside a hope that things can change when people come together around a goal. Having just ready Difficult Women, I recognise the power of pledging allegiance to a higher cause, to have a north dictating the way. I also recognise how difficult change is and how long the road ahead can be for all minorities.

So I decided to make a pledge to myself. A pledge for the change I want to see in me. Because change starts with each of us. And as we grow stronger and in connection with our being, we will be leading change all around us.

My Pledge

For International’s Women’s Day 2023, I make a pledge to myself. An individual pledge. A solitaire one perhaps. A selfish one some may say. I pledge all that. Because pledging to myself is pledging to the belief that I own my own space, that I am my own self, and that self can create change in a world of bias and judgement.

#IWD2023 Pledge

I pledge to love myself, but this time for real. I pledge to really love myself, rather than to say I love myself.

I pledge to be kind to myself, to think of me as a friend, to give myself some love and attention. Not just me time. Real love and attention.

I pledge to judge my actions less, to stop second-guessing every choice, to embrace my choices as wise as anybody else’s.

I pledge to trust myself more, and sometimes considering trusting others a bit less. I pledge to trust that I am doing what’s best for the path that I have chosen.

I pledge to take care of myself more, my body, my health, my mind. To put my own mask before helping others. To do what’s good for me, even when some may disagree.

I pledge not to forget myself, what I need and what I want.

I pledge not to run away from myself, not to drown myself in work and endless activities that keep me high and away from what I am.

I pledge to stop rushing, to take in every moment, to give time the time it takes, to see time passing knowing I have drank from it without seeing it pass by.

I pledge to worry less. To not take time with what is not happening. To know that I can deal with whatever life throws my way, when it comes my way. 

I pledge to live fully, but not intensely. To live deeply and profoundly with each life that crosses my path.

I pledge to apologise less. To not assume I am the weaker link. To not assume I am in the wrong every time. And apologise meaningfully when I am.

I pledge to believe in myself. But not just in what I can do, more in what I can be and feel. Believe in the essence that my life is. And the truth that I can become.

I pledge to accept doing a good job as amazing. To let go of perfection. To find the light to guide me to good without always overdoing it. To believe good is really good enough.

I pledge to feel less guilt. I pledge to get rid of the world failure and the fear that it brings into my life. And to fail without concern.

I pledge to be special to myself, no matter what ordinary path I take.

I pledge to not fail myself. To pursue my hopes and dreams. To make time for what matters. And to always keep to my north.

I pledge to not be blinded. To always see my north, even when I struggle to stand still. To know when I am moving away from each of these pledges.

I pledge not to be afraid. To make different choices. To make the same choices. To choose.

I pledge to breathe deeply every day, to walk, to stand, to stare into the sea, to let the waves bring peace and the blue sky to bring light

I pledge to own my own space. To be in my own space. To feel my own space.

I pledge to be. To be me. To know me. To feel me.

It’s a different pledge. A pledge that gets to the essence of a lot of our bias, a lot of our challenges, and a lot of our fights for equity.

I invite you to pledge alongside me. In silence or to the world. This pledge is for me. And for you, if you feel it.

Click here to download the pledge, print it and remember it!

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

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