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One stop shop for some of the Make Space for Growth Key Topics and Worksheets.

CEO Strategy & Planning | Time Management | Journaling and Gratitude | Writing & Podcasting

Articles are open to all. Worksheets are free for the members of the community.

CEO Strategy and Planning

A CEO Type of Moment Series (Opportunity, Weaknesses, Resources, Vision)

What are business plans for?

Writing my Own Business Plan

CEO Worksheets

  • Assessing Opportunity
  • Not a SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan 1-Pager Example

Goal Setting

How to make your Goals: SMART, Stretched, Not Impossible

Goal Setting Template

Values, long term goals and what you can do next

Time Management

Keeping the domino up… how the bullet journal changed my life

The end of a month… make space for another one

A To-Do List at your service

Journaling & Gratitude

The Practice of Gratitude

My most recommended habit: journaling

Writing & Podcasting

Writing a newsletter

What I learnt launching a podcast

Podcast Technical Details Sample

Send questions if you read an article and feel like you would like a worksheet to go along.