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Celebrating my 38th for Education

Today is my 38th birthday. As a youngster, I am still full of hopes and dreams. As a 20% Millennial, I believe I can make those dreams come true. I just need a little help. Today I celebrate my birthday for education!

15 Years of Story

15 years and 6 days ago, I packed my bags and moved to London to work at Morgan Stanley. As a single life-changing event is not enough per year, 15 years minus a few days ago I founded A Little Gesture A Great Help with the dream of helping 30 children break the cycle of poverty. Or maybe to just help them survive to start with. Yes, I did that as I started working in M&A, let’s call it my soft side.

ALG has grown in a way that I did not envisage. Today, we support c. 2000 children daily through our multiple sponsoring, education, infrastructure and sustainability programs. We raise over £250k per annum. Yes, I am here to ask for money in case you have not yet noticed.

My Birthday Wish

For my 38th, my focus is on education. Being the mother of a year 1 daughter who has a quality education, daily homework and support, I know I am giving her the best chance that I can at this world. For our children in Mozambique, their parents are mostly not-educated, many teachers boast a 9th grade certificate at most and home time is chores time. And oh, there is no electricity.  

The Power of Education

At ALG we created After School Study Support where the children can get extra time and support with their work. Last year, we even had intra-school championships where they boasted their poetry, spelling or sports skills. It is a space for youngsters to get a more realistic chance on what they can achieve. A place where we can help each of them break out of poverty through education (and care). The attachment has more info if you would like.

With £2000, we can pay for 154 students to attend the Santa Luisa After School support for A YEAR.

That is a mere 20£ per child. Will you help me fund this project for 2019?

Next week, I will be visiting the ground It will be extra special as I have not been for the last 3 years. It will be even more special if I can tell these children about how my birthday help them get a better chance in life. I share my gifts with them. Will you help?

What am I offering?

– A big thank you

– A fresh picture from the ground next week

Happiness, as proven by research

If none of that does it, then do it for the children! That is why I do this anyway.

Just do it… for education!

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