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Still growing at 41 – A Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday. Some argue the 40s bring wisdom, I am still on the lookout for that. However, my 40s brought a year filled with change. It was a year when many dreams came true. One of them was that with your help, we were able to launch a fully NEW DAILY MEAL PROGRAM FOR ALMOST 1400 CHILDREN in our Sao Vicente de Paulo School. You have to watch it to grasp what this means there.

This was a long-dated dream for me, and the reports that come from the ground each month don’t cease to bring me lots of emotion. I share from the first month’s report:

“On behalf of the 1343 children, we thank every donour of this project for the joy you bring to our children. Most of them leave the house without breakfast. The project to give them lunch is a positive for them, with visible and tangible results each day. We are seeing they no longer miss school and arrive earlier. When they arrive, the first thing they do is to go have a look in the kitchen and see if we are cooking”

I know I pester everyone at the same time every year. I lost count of the years I have done this, but I have to be honest that I don’t plan to stop soon. Whenever I wonder, testimonials like the above bring me certainty in what we are doing every day. A Little Gesture now supports a total of over 4000 children every day. It is with your support that we can keep going.

The year has been filled with many competing priorities, all important, all urgent. Today, on my birthday, I bring you my priority, and my wish for my birthday. For 18 years, I have poured my dedication to A Little Gesture and to the children of Mozambique, and I hope you can support us!

For my 41st, will you help me feed a child? Please support my BIRTHDAY WISH

You can also give via payroll typing giving/ in your browser

Grateful, as always, for EVERY little gesture

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