Off with the wind

As the wind blows souls depart
Shooting arrows to the heart
Filled with sorrow sometimes relief
Death is the ultimate thief.
As the wind blows souls are lost
The ones that stat without a north
Broken by sadness and memory
Death is the ultimate enemy.
Death oh death will you stay away.
As the sun sets, so goes the spirit
No exception as you near it
A lifetime fighting to keep it at bay
As the sun sets, so goes the life
Burn by sweet memories might
Ripe for hopes to be nearby.
Left the desire to say goodbye.

My heart is heavy for my loved ones, as I know their hearts are broken in a way that can’t be mended. Their hearts are bleeding in a way that can’t be stopped. All I can do is join in tears and outpours of love.

We always know

We know there is death from the moment we are born. Part of life, one of life’s greatest certainties. But do we really? We spend our lives worrying about getting more, doing more, winning more. Looking for a feeling of control and power that is but a glimpse of time. Ultimately there is little we can control. We can only choose to live while we are given that gift.

I seek a life that gives it all, one that will give me more peace as the time calls. A life that is full of memories and even a few regrets. Yes, it is sometimes too much. Yes, I sometimes live in a way that brings me closer to death or furthest away from a long life. Rushing and living with so much strength that it creates weakness. I sometimes wonder if there is another way.

I wonder how to live life. How to love life. How to prolong life. Yes, perhaps a life that will ensure I am missed. Yes, I am that selfish. I don’t want my loved ones to suffer but also don’t want to be forgotten. I don’t need to fill history books, but perhaps I would like to fill a few memory ones.

How do you transform sweet memories that are bitter when you loose someone back into sweetness? Allowing grief is likely the answer. I dare not guess. I have denied it in the past. I feel it closer as age draws nearer our loved ones. I do not want to stop in time. I do not want the threat of death to be the reminder or the trigger for any choices. I want to be at peace with bringing myself whole into every day. To be close with fullness and love for what is left behind.

In days of sadness
May the wind that blows
Fill your heart
With the love that shows
In days of sadness
May the sun that sets
Warm your souls
With no regrets.

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