2022 – A Reflection

My word of the year was space. Whilst I did not get a huge amount of space, I feel like having this North was helpful and it helped me take small steps towards granting me a space in my own life. It allowed me to create some breathing space to really evaluate where I want to be and how I want to be. It allowed me space to be more of me and less of my expectations of me. It also allowed me to create space for others to be the way they are, with less judgement and more acceptance. It allowed me to make space to accept myself. Looking back, there was quite a lot of space after all!

I made more space at home

I learnt how to feel less guilty when not there. To have space when there. To give them more space to be in their own ways. To give the kids space to grow in their own little (big) ways. To give Hubby B the space to find a new way of life. To give us all space to evolve as a family. Whilst home is what takes the core of my space, I made it a more loving space, more joyful, less judgemental, less heavy. In the end, more spacious for everyone.

I made space at work

I found new ways to connect and develop my team. Space means the ability to work in better ways, to find errors and correct them, to think of new things. It also means space to not do, to have less FOMO, to be comfortable with the unimportant. It is still so hard for me, especially when I am working remotely, but I feel like I have made huge progress in my own head this year. I have let email dominate my to-dos less, and found out that in the end I still attended to what was needed. I have worked on more projects in my zone of genius, and whilst some that fall outside it still needed to get done, I got better at applying different levels of intention to each. Very much work in progress but I can see the difference.

I made space at the charity

This has been a transition year, as we all had to find new ways of working and relating to the charity. As we hired a general director to take over the day-to-day running from the family, we had to learn what that meant. I have, for the first time allowed myself the space to feel less pressured, and to focus on the areas where I can make the most difference. It also means giving the charity space to grow and develop without our own limitations, but always with our support. I look forward to this space crystallising in the founding family being ever more in our zone of genius and supporting our team with our best selves.

I made space for my mind

Therapy this year was a lot about what I really feel and think. And about distancing that from what I think others think. from what I feel others want, from what I assume others judge. The waters are often muddied in my own mind. If I am not the way I have been for years, then what am I? This year, I made space to find out or at least to investigate. Can’t say I am at the end of the road!

I made space for my body

Sounds weird right? But with my number one goal being ‘feeling and being healthier and fitter’, this space was needed. Now, I was about to say that I feel less ill this year, which could be true in terms of frequency, but then again I had Covid twice and Noravirus twice… The space was in allowing myself to heal, to rest and recover. I also cannot say I am fitter, but I did allow myself the time to do 51 elliptical workouts, start personal training, play more tennis, find a gym for my London stays. All that not without pain, quite the opposite, but I’m allowing my body the time and space it needs.

I made space for self love

I forgave myself more. I got less stuck on things. I saw more of my mistakes. I said sorry more. But I also changed to not making everything my fault. To have less of a need to justify myself. To love me and my choices more. And to apologise less. Contrarian, I know.! I made space to find myself slowly but surely. What I value, what I cherish, what brings me joy. And also what consumes me, drains my energy and needs to have no space in my life.

All in all, I made more space than I thought. I made space for my goals. For more health, for more joy, more laughter. Space to be more loving as a parent and has a wife. Space to work in my zone of genius. Space for the charity to grow. Space to empower more women. Space for friends. Space to be present.

I also learnt that space is something I value and no longer need to apologise for. It brings out the best in me with much more to come.

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