My Word of the Year is Light

For a few weeks, this word has been buzzing in my head. I drafted a few possible words on a page of my journal and I let them sink in. Some were the same as last year, but none had the same meaning. Peace, joy, flow, explore. Love, flourish, breathe, imagine, embrace, shine. Light it is.

What is the meaning of light?

Light has many meanings. Light that shines in the darkness. That brightens up a path. That illuminates the road. Light can be clarity and shine. Light like a feather, less filled with worry, guilt, or regret. Light that means joy and celebration. Light of life.

Light in my path

I wish for light in my path. Less overwhelm and more flow. The clarity to know what to let go, the vision of the choices ahead. I don’t ask for an easy path, but rather to have the ability to see choices clearly and to make them (good or bad) with open eyes and less pain.

I haven’t always wanted light. Light can be scary. It can show the path to the unknown. It can cause change. Cavemen preferred the darkness of the caves, even if they were afraid of the dark. Getting out was too scary until they had fire and light. Then, it all changed.

Light in my heart

I wish for lightness in my heart. I must admit, my heart is often filled with worries, heavy with concern, anxious with anticipation. I wish for my heart to remain loving and caring, but lighter in how it lives moments of doubt. I wonder if this can even come together. Therapy has showed me how my heart likes to stay away and how much I avoid connecting to my feelings. I wish for my heart not to be afraid of connecting.

Light in my mind

My mind is a deep well of overthinking. I measure the impact of every action taken, I rewind conversations as if they can be rewritten. I worry about what other  think, feel, or do. I feel constantly judged, under watch, not enough. In 2022, I created a fair amount of space between these feelings and reality. I started seeing these thoughts come and go. I wish for light to shine in my mind and help it see what it’s worth the worry and what is not, what is real and what is my made up story.

Lights in my eyes

I want to do what I love and to see that passion in my eyes. I want to continue going deeper into my zone of genius. To mentor those around me, and help them grow. To write more and touch lives. To read more, and enjoy the learning (or the dreaming that comes with fiction). To podcast and bring more women into the spotlight. To help businesses grow, empower women to reach their potential, whatever they choose it to be. To embrace the spotlight with no fear or scepticism. To be a light.

Light in my Home

I want to be a light in my Home. I want to bring joy and laugh. I want to make memories of love and fun. And maybe a bit less judgement and expectations. I want our home to be comfortable and welcoming. And also the refuge for each of us. To be a place where we can be, feel, rest and grow.

I want to bring our dream home to life and be part of what we built together. I wish for light flooding through the windows and filling our home in and out with seeds of growth, love, health and life.

Light in my journey, that’s what I wish for. For life to be a journey that I can live with open eyes and embrace with open arms.To have clarity from within, to receive the light and warmth from those around me. To live lightly and brightly.

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