Make Space for Growth Podcast

A Journey back through the Season

For the Season Finale, I went around the world and around my memory to pick the highlights of this season. What I learnt, what I discovered, what I was impressed about. There is no bittersweet in getting to the end of a season. In fact, it is exciting to look back and remember all the amazing women that crossed my path.

Be as Water with Khyati Sundaram

Khyati Sundaram is the CEO of Applied. She brings us her story about transitioning from Corporate into founding a start-up and then finding herself back on the job market being told her resume “did not fit”. At Applied, she found the perfect fit, a company that valued skills and that was helping other corporates do the same. We also talked about the pandemic, what she missed and what new habits she managed to create. Her advice for 2021? I can’t help repeat it to myself. Be as water.