Worry, Julie Joppien @ Unsplash

I worry

I worry about the wind as it blows through my ears
I worry it takes time along and leaves me with fears.
I worry as the trees shake stuck to their own roots
I worry they want to get out and live a life that suits.
I worry as the rain wants in, to end the sunny days
I worry winter brings more darkness than it says.

I worry as the laughter sounds distant from today
I worry if I say yes or no, I worry ’bout what I say.
I worry if I am in, alive to all that life has for me
I worry that I am out of any wisdom to be free.
I worry that the silence runs away with all my worries
I worry that my mind lives in parallel thousand stories.

I worry I will never have the time to find myself
I worry if I will ever worry ’bout nothing else.
I worry as time threatens to take me far away
I worry that I can’t stay too long here today.
I worry that the worry does not quiet in the night
I worry that my flooded mind will always be a fight.

I worry that the sun will rise and I am still afraid
I worry I don’t see it straight and I don’t know its name.
I worry I forget to watch the sunset shine
I worry that these words will mean I just can’t cope with time.
I worry ’bout the maddening ticking of the clocks
I worry the voice inside me never ever stops.

I worry that I worry and with that, I can’t break free
I worry that I worry and that is the pain in me.

And then as my worry jar is filled with all concern
I look outside and smell the breeze, I know it has a term.
My worries have a way with words but know they must not scream
I tender to them all and then it’s time they let me dream.
My worries have a look that’s grim but once they are all out
They feel the love I have inside and leave me with no doubt.

Photo: Julie Joppien @ Unsplash

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